Crochet Yourself an Amigurumi Easter Egg. Video Tutorial & Pattern

Doesn’t it feel like Spring already?! That means Easter is just around the corner. You may recall that last year I came up with a cute little design for crochet Easter eggs. The surprisingly awesome thing is that it has been a really popular pattern (mostly thanks to Pinterest, not anything I’ve done). To accompany the written pattern I thought that it would be useful if I did a video tutorial. And not just any old video tutorial… my first ever video tutorial! So, it’s apparent that I need to perfect my video making skills somewhat, but you’ve got to start somewhere!

The written pattern is super straightforward and quick to do. The video is probably best viewed as a companion to the written instructions. The video also demonstrates how to embroider the stitches, which the written pattern does not (the time stamp for the decorative bit is 18.25). If I’d been more YouTube savvy I could have made two different videos but I didn’t think about that until afterward!

If you fancy having a look (afterall, Easter is coming up pretty soon) then please click on this picture to take you to YouTube! And then let me know if you’ve made some!! I would absolutely love to see. X

How to crochet an amigurumi Easter Egg video

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19 thoughts on “Crochet Yourself an Amigurumi Easter Egg. Video Tutorial & Pattern

    • Zeens and Roger says:

      Don’t worry, there’s still a few weeks!! I’ve been getting an increase in traffic for the pattern so thought it was a good time to do the tutorial.
      You’re more of an embroidery expert than me (I kind of just hope for the best when making the stitches). But it does seem easier to do on tight crochet!


  1. Punkafoo Crafts says:

    Aww these are so cute. Very pretty. Think I’m going to make some. Hopefully I can get my current WIP done before easter. I don’t like starting new projects until I have either finished or got bored of doing the current one.


  2. Amy DeStefanis says:

    Thank you! I managed to make one of these, though I’ve never done much embroidery. I don’t see a way to attach an image…. ?? It is cute, if not completely perfect….


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